Peter says, "Um, I kinda knew when I was fifteen. But I never did anything before I turned nineteen." He sips from his rum and coke.

"Did you have a lesbian phase in college?" I ask wryly. Everyone laughs, but Peter's is the only sound I listen for. When the laughter dies, Peter smacks his lips and looks quickly around the table, obviously not sure what to say next.

He clears his throat. "What about you, Toni?"

Toni adjusts an invisible crown topping his bald head. "I've been a bottom since the day I was born, honey."

Bryan guffaws, his big hands pressing into his large stomach. He puts a hand on Toni's shoulder and coos, with another toothy smile, "Toni, honey, everyone gets spanked at birth. That doesn't make you a bottom!"

Mica starts their turn before Bryan interjects to take on the role of micromanager.

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